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Tribute from Brian Wiebold

My dear brother and friend, David Newby, graduated from this life into eternity after battling cancer for the past couple of years. To say David no longer being with us is an incredible loss would be a gross understatement. I only met David in November of 2009. I can tell you honestly that I never knew a man for such short period of time that impacted me so significantly.  My relationship with David was a blessing from Father that was extremely positive and consequential in my life. I am honoured and grateful to have walked with him and a better man for doing so.

David and I were sitting next to each other at a roundtable discussion when we met. I had said a couple of things there weren’t well received, so when I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to speak again, I really didn’t want to do it. I went out of the room for a few minutes, and on returning I saw that David had written “You must speak!” on the corner on my notebook. That interaction was the start of a friendship that would have a profound impact on not only myself but many other faith communities across the USA.

David never spoke of all the accomplishments and accolades accumulated over the course of his life that spanned the business/professional, social, educational and spiritual/ministerial realms. He was truly a man’s man, verifiably a successful and accomplished entrepreneur and a spiritual father to many. Though you could recognize certain aspects of David’s life by being with and relating to him, his humility kept him from cracking the seals on a multitude of achievements that common men would willingly put on their resumes in order to appear to BE something.  David simply WAS and he was secure in that existence which permitted him to focus on others, their being encouraged and developed in the things Father had intended for them.

David did that for me!

I met David only two months after my spiritual father passed away. I cannot explain the void I felt after losing Bert. Then, I met David. I never viewed David as a spiritual father, nor did he attempt to be one to me. Father knew that at the time, what I needed was a wiser, elder brother. David fit the bill nicely.

I remember during one of our initial ministry tours in the U.S., I spoke of determining the purpose of our relationship moving forward. As I expressed that, while I was open to deepening our relationship, I was not presently clear on why we had been connected.  With a loving grin spread across his face, David quickly replied, “Oh, I know precisely why we are connected in the kingdom.”

He waited, rather gleefully, for me to ask him to enlighten me. I did.

“God put us together for me to help you become all that God has called you to be.”

Honestly, it was hard for me to believe him when he said it. However, the tears in his eyes convinced me. His conduct, words, love and support that followed during the course of our relationship proved his statement to be true and his intentions genuine.  Even in Skyping with him a few short weeks ago while battling his illness, his concern was getting “you (Misty and I) established in the new season that Father has for you.” ( Seriously!?!?! I’m shaking my head in wonder as I write this.)

One could tell David walked in the kingdom because he walked in righteousness, peace and joy. His identity as a son of God was secure because it was based upon the righteousness of Christ’s finished work and not his own ability to perform. Though he lived an incredible, if not enviable life, David had discovered how to be empowered through the Holy Spirit in his BEING so that in his doing, it was God working through him.  He operated as the righteousness he had become in Christ and Father’s capability was clearly seen and felt through David’s life.

He was a man of peace. Regardless of the situations and circumstances he faced, his illness included, David refused to be ruffled and unnerved.  Was he perfect in it? No. But, being privy to some of the things he faced and observing him walk through it, the peace he experienced was authentic and tangible in many ways.

And the joy! David constantly celebrated his life empowered by THE LIFE of Christ that dwelled in him. His joy was infectious and could transform the atmosphere of any room he entered. His humor and laughter was contagious and, just as he did in everything he chose to do, he gave it his all.

These traits were why David was so easily and  greatly accepted in all of the communities of faith to whom we introduced him. As in my personal life, his impact was significant in the communities and in the lives of other brothers and sisters. Though he lived in Australia, he was truly a part of us and we all loved him dearly.

Obviously, I’m saddened by the loss of such a significant brother and friend but I am encouraged by this truth:

Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over. In the same way, anyone who holds on to life just as it is destroys that life. But if you let it go, reckless in your love, you’ll have it forever, real and eternal. (The Message)

David learned this truth and lived it. He willingly loved and laid his life down while present in the earth. The fruit of such a life is seen in the lives of his wife, Rosemary and the fabulous children they have raised. It doesn’t stop there. There are countless numbers of others he impacted on an individual and national basis.  It was Christ in him. The hope of glory revealed.

David’s involvement in my life has inspired me and encouraged me to continue learning to exist and live in the same manner. Such existence and function in Father’s family is required in the days we have remaining on this planet. May we all learn to live accordingly!

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