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LIBERATING APOSTLES published in 2013

Traditional concept and models of denominational apostolic ministry have dominated our thoughts as we look for the restoration of apostles in this end time. Many are looking for spiritual “apostolic” supermen to fix the problems of the Church, but so often this is the same cry that came from the lips of Israel as they rejected God Himself and demanded “Give us a king!”

Liberating Apostles offers fresh interpretation of Scriptures that relate to apostles and the true nature of the ekklesia, the Church. Many of these are being used today by those who call themselves apostles, but are bringing the church into bondage rather than freedom.

The purpose of this book is twofold: to challenge the true apostles of Jesus to liberate the body of Christ; and to challenge the Church to not bring God’s messengers into the bondage of their preconceptions of what apostolic ministry should look like, rather to liberate them to function according to the grace that is on their lives.

For those who are interested in the organization or government of churches, this book examines in detail both historical events and the Scriptures, exposing man-centric practices and upholding the scriptural principles.



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In this publication, the author has provided more detailed background information about the events leading up to the current revival experience in Fiji and its fruit in many of the villages and towns throughout the islands.

This first revision of the book is for the purpose of providing an update on events as they continue to occur. Other changes and additions are for the purpose of preparing the script for translation into the Hindi language for release of the book in India.

The main purpose of this book is to facilitate the implementation of celebrations of forgiveness and reconciliation in towns, communities, tribes and churches throughout the nations, such as has been in Fiji.

We believe that God wants to pour our His healing on every land, including our own land of Australia, and if we use the lessons that have been learnt in Fiji, there is every reason to believe that this will be the result.

It is our prayer that all peoples can learn from the experience of this small South Pacific nation and, by denying our pride and personal independence, we can all see our people and land healed both spiritually and naturally.



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FIJI – HEALING THE LAND published in 2005

Since the cataclysmic events of 2000 in Fiji, including an armed Coup which took hostage the members of Parliament for 56 days, and a mutiny in the Army, amazing things have been happening which have brought stability, reconciliation, economic growth and healing the land.

The nation’s leaders have openly acknowledged the wrongs committed and have asked for forgiveness from those who suffered pain, grief, humiliation and loss.

Even amongst Fijians at home, in the villages, extraordinary events have followed the healing of relationships through repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

This book follows the path of events from May, 2000 right up to the present, as these phenomena continue to take place.

What is happening in Fiji is much needed here in Australia. Our steps towards reconciliation have failed to produce the same results that Fiji has experienced. This book identifies the keys that will bring true reconciliation and Healing the Land in Australia.



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THE BUBBLE WILL BURST published in 2004

Why are Church leaders falling and failing?

Only one out of seven pastors rate themselves high in providing leadership for their church. George Barna

50% of pastors feel unable to meet the needs of the job. Fuller Institute of Church Growth

These statistics highlight the weaknesses of popular church structure and the unreasonable and unscriptural expectations placed on local church pastors around the world.

Leadership training and church growth seminars have not changed the outcomes. It is wrong to expect a local church pastor to do what God has ordained should be done through the many gifts that he has placed within the body of Christ.

What should Church really be like? What is the way forward?

The single greatest challenge for the church today is to identify and remove old covenant principles and practices that strangle the new covenant life of the church.

The Bubble Will Burst is an easy to read analysis of when and how church leadership changed, how these changes have affected church structure and ministry today, and what we need to implement to experience the full blessing of the New Covenant Church.

Subjects including Cultural Christianity, Apostles Today and Why Revival Dies are also covered in this probing and informative publication.


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