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David grew up in a Christian household. He become converted at the age of 11, but it was after David was baptised in the Holy Spirit at 18 years of age that he sensed a strong calling on his life to ministry.
In 1974 David completed a Ministry Diploma at Faith Bible College, Tauranga, New Zealand
1975-1976 He then began full time missionary work in the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific where he became fluent in the native language.
1977-1979 He moved to Papua New Guinea where he continued in full time missionary work and once again he became fluent in the native language.
1988-1991 When his work took him and his family to the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Malaysia, David began itinerant ministry.
1992-2000 When the family settled in Dubbo, New South Wales – David became a member of the ministry team with the Assemblies of God Church.
1994-2004 David worked in the AOG’s Royal Rangers Youth ministry.
Senior Commander at the Dubbo Outpost for 11 years
NSW State Training Coordinator 1998-200
NSW State Chaplain 1996-2004
National Chaplain 2001-2004
1997-2005 He planted a new church in West Dubbo where he was the pastor and facilitator. He and his family along with the church worked extensively in the local Aboriginal community.
2004-2006 He wrote materials for team ministry training, conducted seminars in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
2002-2005 David worked with church and government leaders in Fiji to facilitate the process of reconciliation through the implementation of “National Forgiveness Week”, which was celebrated for 3 years 2004-2006.
2005-2010 He worked with church and Government leaders in Vanuatu towards a National Forgiveness Week, which was celebrated in November 2010.
Since 2006 He travelling and ministering in Africa, India, USA, Pacific Islands, Europe, Australia and Pacific Islands.
David donated equipment and installed plants in Zimbabwe and Fiji to support churches and orphanages. He also helped provide funds and consultation for the construction of a school and orphanage in Karnal, North India, providing ongoing financial and ministry support.
David wrote numerous articles and published 4 books:
The Bubble Will Burst (2004)
Fiji – Healing the Land (2005)
Transforming the Nations (2009)
Liberating Apostles (2013)
He was working on a fifth title when he graduated from this life.
David completed counseling and other ministry training including:
Master of Philosophy in Biblical Studies
Doctorate of Ministries with New Covenant International University, Majoring in Christian Ethics, Church Leadership and Ministry.
In 2010, David was Awarded honorary Doctorate of Divinity for Forgiveness Week, reconciliation and healing the land ministry in Australia, Pacific Islands and India.
David also wrote many songs and even a couple of church musicals.

His greatest accomplishment was the mark he left on our hearts. Throughout all that he did he sought to build up and inspire those around him to walk in the fullness of all God had for them. He sought to extend the Kingdom of God, and did just that, through both his life and his death.
He now inspires us to do the same.

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