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Tribute from Pastor Prince in India

I met David Newby in March 2006 in Auckland, NZ and it was a divine appointment. We shared our visions and it was very similar in all the aspects. I invited David to India to minister to our leaders in North India. David Came to India next month itself and ministered to our leaders, children and to different fellowships. That was a beginning of a great relationship.

His ministry transformed all of our people and our churches begun to grow as never before. One of our city church grew from 30 people to 400 now because of his teachings about multiplication and transformation. Then he begun to come most of every year and we had organized meetings in all the major cities in India. Our people loved him very much.

Personally I had a very deeper relationship with him. He was like my father more over an excellent mentor, leader, brother and a trusted man to whom I could share everything.

I have visited twice to Australia because of him and spent good quality time with him alone. He is the one who introduced me to all our people in Australia. He imparted his vision over me during my last visit to Bendigo in March 2014.

It is the biggest lose for me and my family as well all the people in India. We all are in deep pain even though we know the hope and assurance. I cannot forget David Newby and he will live in us.

On the other hand we too celebrate the faithfulness of our Lord in his very fruitful life which transformed many people in many nations.

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In Honour Of A Great Man