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David's Celebration-back

Dad has been an incredible Father to us all. He lived his life striving to model the life and character of Christ and to be an example of God’s love for us as a Father. In this he was more than successful which is reflected by everyone here today.

The girls have asked for me to read a few words from them.

A few words about our dearest Daddio/Daddy Bear,
As his daughters, we couldn’t imagine having a more loving and fun Daddy. He has always inspired us in many ways, and especially in his love for worship.
As many of you would know Dad was a very busy man, but he always managed to make a way to spend quality time with us.
Some of our fondest memories are dressing up to go out for dinner with Dad; he would always tell us we looked beautiful and made us feel like we were the most gorgeous and treasured girls in the world. He always loved to talk about anything and everything with us.
He would always tell us that inward beauty was more important… to have a meek and quiet spirit and a lovely heart. We remember a time when he obviously thought we needed more guidance with this as he set aside time to read us a book titled meekness.
He always made us laugh, we would tell him how gorgeous he is, and he would always say “don’t tell anyone’. Even though he is our Dad, as we have grown older he has become more like a best friend.
Daddy, you will always be in our hearts, we will love you forever, Ardio, JoJoy, Blossom, Tweetie, & Baby Bear.


Dad encouraged us to value Character and Integrity as he did and his work ethic was exemplary. He was willing to admit his weaknesses and to make tough decisions to his own detriment and cost providing he knew he was acting with Honesty and Integrity. This was how he lived every aspect of his life.

He loved unconditionally and was full of life and love for his wife and children. He always believed in us and supported us in everything in life. Dad has always been exceeding Generous with his time and finances often missing out himself to help and bless someone else.

Dad and Mum mirrored the perfect marriage. He was never angry and always patient and gentle. In their entire marriage of 32 years there has never been a conversation in anger.  As Children we witnessed 2 parents who loved and respected each other and always wanted to make sure the other was happy. They lived their life for each other. Mum often says she is so blessed Dad was the best Husband and Best Father and nothing could be better.
Our home was always full of joy peace and love.

Our home was always buzzing with activity. Anyone was welcome at any time, Often we would have friends over and we would all engage in conversation with Dad. He always took interest in everyone’s life and wanted to share in our lives and theirs. All of our friends have had Dad impart love and wisdom in each of their lives at some point.

Quite often it would be late at night and we would have finished a movie and Dad would duck away and come back with a block of chocolate and chips and excitedly ask “Aren’t we having a movie Marathon”

Life was always lived at a million miles an hour with Dad. Whether it was work, ministry, recreation or Driving it was always flat out and fun. Everything dad set his mind to do he went at it like a bull at a gate. From making his own Diesel to always building bigger and better something to  helping us make our own gunpowder, abseiling shooting woodturning the list is endless. Dad always lived life to the full.

Dad is well known for his no nonsense driving.his dashboard was always loaded with paperwork or CDs or a bible which would go flying Often to the dismay or amusement of his passengers. Quite often dad would catch it and instead of putting it on the floor would put it back on the dash. QThe Blue Mountains was always a favourite of his, especially when a “boy Racer” would try to pass him. He knew what his cars were capable of and would often enjoy showing his finess

Mum never fully understood dad’s driving habits. I can recall another time where mum was driving and Dad was making calls from the passenger seat. We were following a car at 50 kph when the speed limit was 80. Dad proceeded to put his call on hold and asked Mum “Darling, Why are we going so slow?” to which mum replied “I’m just following them” pointing to the car in front. Dad quickly replied, “Yes but we don’t have to” and then resumed his call.   Mum proceeded to quickly pass the car and we were on our way.

Dad always lived life to the full. For example, When people attend a Rangers camp they bring a small camping trailer. Dad would bring a 30 foot tabletop truck loaded to the hilt which also pulled a trailer and one of us would be driving another car with a trailer. Nothing was done halfway.

Another time dad found a very large wasp nest quite low down in a tree. He went and got an 8 foot stockwhip and tried to crack it out of the tree. After a couple of attempts the wasps worked out what was happening and one bit him. Dad promptly dropped the whip and went inside only to emerge 5 minutes later with the shotgun, instructed us to all lie down next to him on the veranda very still and proceeded to clear the nest from the tree. Needless to say that was the end of any wasp issues at our house.

Dad always made sure that he was involved in our lives. From riding bikes around with Joanna and Pete, Playing indoor cricket with us boys, Taking each of us on holidays/work trips with him to spend quality time Dad always made sure he had time for his children and we were priority.

Dad was always a quick spontaneous decision maker. Never one to muck around or waste time when he could be doing something else more productive. He encouraged us all to make decisions ourselves and would attempt to curb his quick decision making to give room for others to make the call

Dad often spoke of a time he was working with Pete, they had checked into the Motel cleaned up and then headed out for dinner. At the front of the Motel Dad stopped and said “tonight, it is up to you Pete. Left is Mcdonalds & a Café, Right is KFC.” Pete replied “I don’t mind, You choose” Dad said “I will wait for you to decide” They stood together in silence out the front of the Motel for approx. 10 minutes. Eventually Dad asked, “If I had McDonald’s in my left hand and KFC in my right which would you choose” To which the response was, Well, We had chicken last night” Dad said ” McDonalds it is.” And off they went.

We were so honoured and privileged to look after Dad at home right up until graduated into eternity. He wasn’t talking much over the last weeks, he would say a few words here and there. On the final day Ari was attempting to give Dad a drink, which he wasn’t making very straight forward. Ari said to Dad “You’re a little trickster and you play games with us” to which Dad said “I confess I am” following this confession a little smile appeared on his face. Something’s had never changed.

I could spend all day sharing with you stories of this incredible man. A man who when a kangaroo decided he should be in charge of house instructed Ben to box him to “show him who was boss” or gave himself a facelift when his diesel making setup blew up

A man who practiced what he preached and who accepted anyone without discrimination

As impossible as it is to summarise Dad in one sentence I will try, He is a Man of Faith and Power who listened without bias spoke with conviction lived life fully and loved unconditionally.

Dad no words can describe the loss to our family. You have raised 5 very different very hard working children who all have a relationship with The Lord. You have succeeded beyond measure. We are blessed beyond comprehension  to have had you as our father. We will continue to follow The Lord and seek his life and character and to live as you have demonstrated.

You will forever be in our hearts and reflected in our lives.

With all our Love from Rosemary. Benjamin. Timothy. Ariana. Peter. Joanna

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