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This site is a tribute to a truly outstanding man who has now graduated from this life into eternity with Jesus!

If you would like to see more about David’s life please navigate through the celebration, eulogies and tributes using the menu on the left. You can also watch the service here.

If you would like to leave a tribute to David, please use the comment box below.

Our heartfelt thanks to all those who have written about their wonderful memories of David; it has been moving for our family to see how he has profoundly touched many hearts and lives.

We will always love him and he will be in our hearts forever…

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118 Responses to The David Newby Tribute Site

  1. Stanley Lister and Una Lister says:

    Great to know in early years.
    Great to love his music in Dubbo.
    Great to take his place at Nyngan.
    Great to keep in touch through various Jesus activities AND
    Great to SHARE the same Vic. inland city in last years through JESUS.

  2. Michaelquala says:

    Look at gentlemanly emolument in livelihood of victory. davidnewby.com.au http://vicolchitex.gq/snjt

  3. Brian Burke says:


    Sad to discovered this now. I just recently learned about David when I found his book “The Bubble Will Burst”. I would like to read “Liberating Apostles” but can’t find for sale anywhere. Do you know where I can find it to purchase? please email me. I hope his books will remain published as he dealt very important issues in the Body of Christ.

  4. Bruce Kurtzer says:

    Only met David once a few months before he went to be with Jesus but what a great man with a passion for Godliness and a desire to serve the King of kings

  5. Interfreight International Pty Ltd says:

    As you grieve know that we are remembering and honoring the memory of David.
    Management and staff at Interfreight International Pty Ltd wishes to express their deepest sympathy to the family.
    God rest his soul.

  6. Brett and Karen Slater Fairy Hill NSW says:

    I only new David for the last four years, I feel honoured to have worked with him for a short while. The family should be so proud of such a great man.
    Thank you David.

  7. Obed Sandie says:

    My best Friend
    I met David Newby in 2010 when they were visiting Vanuatu for the Forgiveness Week. I still remember the first time David and I were having discussion about Ministry and many other things and David ask me what Book are you reading and I relate the title of the Book then David smile at me and said wow that the same Book I’ve just complete reading it. David and Rob Warren are truly friends to me and my wife Rokin. In the short time that I get to know him seems like we have known each other for many years. Remember we were talking over a coffee table and David ask me where I had done my Bible College training and I told him that I had completed my Degree with New Covenant International University in NZ and USA and smile at me and said that he was doing his Doctorate through New Covenant as well. I want to thank the family for allowing David to carry the true message of the Kingdom of God into our Nation Vanuatu. He’s an apostle to the nation and truly a man of God. May His legacy lives for ever in our hearts.

    Obed Sandie
    The Father’s House
    Port Vila

  8. John Vercoe says:

    My Beautiful Friend

    They said he walked with Presidents and Kings
    I knew he would have preferred more humble things
    He provided for orphans and helped the poor
    He would go without to give them more.

    He saw the true way a Church should be
    How every member should be free
    To share their gift with one another
    With everyone equal to their Christian brother

    Not the Pastor bearing all the load
    But everyone working, sharing and caring
    And this he showed
    Was the way Jesus wanted his Church to be
    So we praise and worship in harmony.

    He spent his life working tirelessly,it was said,
    Building mills,grinding grain that make our bread,
    Yet he still made time to teach the Word
    And those who saw him and those who heard
    Knew this man surely, was sent by the Lord.

    He preached forgiveness in countries where
    People fought and would no longer care
    To help and love their fellow man
    So their Leaders he gathered and made a stand
    To agree together to forgive and share their land.

    To love one another like Jesus said
    To try to live like Jesus and show how he cared
    He taught them tolerance, love and not fear
    For all mankind, this precious Word he held dear.

    He was a leader of men
    But loved by all
    He would go anywhere to help
    And answer the call.

    He loved and cherished his family
    Adored his beautiful wife Rosemary
    Five fine children,he was very proud
    Taught them all how to work hard and sing out loud.
    He found special time for each one
    With heaps of laughter and loads of fun.
    Grandchildren he said were blessings from Heaven
    Some more would be good to make it more even

    When poor health came and began to wear him down
    He fought all the way and never a sound.
    His Faith never faltered or his courage less
    But he struggled on, always giving his best.

    Now he has gone Home to be with Jesus.
    His time with us too short,but his legacy has increased us.
    You left us too soon, we feel pain and grief
    But from your suffering, you now have relief.
    Safe in the arms of our glorious Saviour
    “Well done, good and faithful servant,you never wavered!”

    So we must try to carry on without you
    Until our time is at an end.
    We loved you David Newby….our very special friend.

    John Vercoe

  9. Philip & Runa Meeks says:

    We thank God for the Newby family and count it a privilege to have been a small part of David’s life. He encouraged us and challenged us to pursue the Lord. The fruit David helped to nurture in many peoples lives will continue to grow as a testimony of the Love of the Father he ministered…
    We love you Rosemary and family, continue to walk in the legacy that David has laid down. I am sure that David has another “assignment” at present…..

  10. Mason and Virgene Hughes. says:

    Our prayers are with the family as we celebrate with you the home going of our loved friend David, Truly his gain ,our lost. Much Love Dr.Mason and Virgene Hughes.

  11. Chris O'Neill says:

    David and I met at school in 1969. Last year when Will Holmes à Court (who was also in the same class) and I visited him in Bendigo he told me that his first recollection of me was when I opened a conversation about being born again. He was a border at the school and on returning after the holidays recounted stories of life on the farm which was so different from my generally boring experience. He drove a header all day and into the middle of the night during havest time. I drove a billy cart down the footpath. He reckoned it was ok to fall asleep at the wheel as long as you woke up before hitting the fence at the other end of the paddock.
    At the Higher School Certificate his 5 chosen subjects which included Latin were on consecutive days so he finished before most of us. It was Melbourne Cup Day 1970 and whilst the rest of us were struggling with the burden of more study for our remaining tests he was tearing up his notes into a joful snow storm. “I’m never doing that again” He never considered the possibility of failure. He was full of enthusiasm for the future.
    We crossed paths occasionally after that. He was driving all over the place in his Woolsey which he could do all the repairs on himself. “Country boys can fix anything with some fencing wire and a pair of pliers” he used to say. He was so incredibly confident and self reliant that he didn’t need to go to Uni. His parents Joyce and George became friends with mine and even stayed with us for a while when they were moving from the country to Sydney. I know my mum will be deeply saddened, as I am, on the news of David’s passing. Our birthdays are only 2 days apart.
    His smile and quickness to laughter will always stay with me.
    Last year was the first time I’d seen him in ages. I have only met Ben and Joanna and they both impressed me. Full of life. Hard working and fun and confident. I could see David in them.
    My heart felt condolences go to Rosemary and their children. To his parents and his sisters.
    I will never forget him. It was a privilege to know him.
    Chris O’Neill.

  12. Rose Lillecrapp says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Tim, Katie, Ariana, Joel, Peter and Joanna
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your wonderful David. He was such an inspiring man – full of faith, generous to a fault, joyful and exceedingly kind. Such a very special person. I can’t imagine the sadness and profound loss you may feel at this moment and wish you my deepest condolences. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Earth’s loss is most certainly heaven’s gain – I can imagine him having a ball rejoicing with the angels as I write.
    Love, Rose

  13. Paul Mines says:

    To Rosemary, Ben, Tim, Ariana, Joanna and Peter…….

    What can one say in these circumstances, other than how profoundly sorry I am to hear of the passing of your beloved David and Dad. I was unaware of David’s illness until a mere couple of weeks ago.

    I had ceased working with Raine and Horne some 7 years ago and unfortunately as a result became estranged from a large number of people. David was one of them.

    During our children’s younger years, as a family, we were invited on many occasions to a social gathering at Durraween Lane.

    David and Rosemary were consummate hosts and we always loved visiting and especially experiencing the last kilometre or so of track to their home!

    I was always rather envious of David and his spiritual strengths and how these convictions were acted out in his dealings with his children but also with society as a whole.

    David will be sadly missed.

    Paul Mines.

  14. David & Meri Ross Liana & Ken says:

    Dear Rosemary Ben, Tim Peter Ari & Joanna Your David was a blessing to us in so many ways, he encouraged us in Rangers and personally, we thank the lord for him. When I stand in Glory I shall see His Face and there I’ll serve my king forever in that Holy place. David Has seen the King Of Glory Face to Face.We thank the Lord for him and will always remember His smiling face.
    David Ross

  15. Bruce Judd says:

    Thanking God for David.

    David has blessed us greatly at Cherrybrook Christian Fellowship and in the Gatherings that we organise through his friendship, encouragement, speaking and sharing. Also it was through him that we were introduced to Pr Prince’s Immanuel Ministries in Haryana North India. He spoke one year at our Gathering at Merroo and we collected a love offering for him (which is our normal practice), but he generously asked us to donate it to Immanuel Ministries. We did so and thus began a long and friutful assocation – which we still continue. David has thus been an important part of our spititual journey, which we will always treasure.

    The last time I enjoyed David’s company was when Pr Prince visited Australia in March this year. David accompanied him during a wonderful day at Cherrybrook on saturday, stayed overnight at my home, and then together we went to the Servants of Jesus on sunday where Pr Prince also spoke and ministered. I especially treasure the memory of having lunch on sundady at Billu’s Indian restaurant at Harris Park where we were accompanied by Peter and Joanna.

    I regret not beign able to attend the celebration of David’s life, but unfortunately am currently overseas attending conferences.

    Our thoughts and prayeres are with Rossemay and all the family at this sad time. But with them we know that David is in safest of hands, his eternal future is assured, and we will have the joy of beign with him again. Never-thet-less we also grieve his psssing.


    Bruce Judd
    Cherybrook Christian Fellowship
    and the Gathering Network

  16. Roland Samuels says:

    David , you lived Three Lives; A Business Life, A Spiritual Life ,A Beautifull Full happy Family Life.Of your three lives I knew but one and half.Sad your passing
    but how rich and purposeful it has been .I will miss that wonderfull smile.


    A few years ago David came to our house with Pr Prince of India. We made up a bed for him in the lounge. In the morning we asked him how he had slept. ‘Fairly well,’ he said, ‘but only after I had removed the batteries from the three clocks that were ticking their hearts away!’ Clocks had never menaced me with their ticking, which I regard as affording a degree of comfort should one wake up in the night, but hey, we are all different! David was going to stay with us again this March so we carefully removed the clock batteries beforehand.

    I did not do a lot of things with David but I did develop a bond with with Him. I was raised at Narromine and Dubbo was our big town. So we had Dubbo in common. Later in life we met at Gatherings at Mornington and enjoyed his leadership and company with his family at out Gatherings at Merroo Christian Centre at the foot of the Blue Mountains. From the funeral celebration I found that David’s influence was far larger than I knew. Yet David was not loved by people like me because he made a big splash. Driving home that evening I remarked to Elizabeth that I was drawn to David because he had taken an interest in me.

    As I said, David was to stay with us in March. Pr Prince stayed the night and David returned to Bendigo. We could see he was ill. We drove Pr Prince back to his lodgings with the Newby’s outside Bendigo the next evening and took satisfaction in the new set-up David had going there amongst the trees. We did not know when he saw us off at the door that this was to be our last farewell. That night Pr Prince ministered in David’s home and reported that there was a move of the Spirit among those gathered.

    Thank you Newby family for such a Jesus Celebration of David’s life – Jesus first and David as His enthusiastic disciple. Thank you Father for the life of your son David that was so well lived!

  18. Jenny Hancock says:

    Nigel and I watched the live-streaming of the funeral today in great admiration for all that one person had achieved in their life……rarely does an individual or a couple achieve so much in so many spheres AND raise such a wonderful family as well. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the family (Rosemary was a year ahead of me at school and we both knew Stephanie and David through Faith Centre connections and remember the musical talents, wisdom and good humour that David brought with him wherever he went. We will be continuing to keep you all in our prayers in the coming weeks. Much love, Nigel and Jenny Hancock

  19. Trevor & Sue Garmeister says:

    Met you both at Ben & Erin’s wedding. Next day we had coffees together with our families. You all made a good and lasting impression. Would have loved to know you both better. We first met Tim when he stayed at our home with Ben and you have had David stay with you. All we have heard cemented the thoughts of what a wonderful family the Newbys are. This stems from the Believer’s input starting with David and copied by the family. We wish you Shalom as you work through the time of grief even though you also look forward to the joy of meeting him again.

  20. Trav Strybosch says:

    It was a pleasure working for you David thankyou

  21. Mireille says:

    Steve, Pat and I were with you all watching the celebration of the life of our dear brother David in West Dubbo.

    Petite Pomme,je t’aime tres tres fort ainsi que toute ta famille.
    Love always

  22. Sarah Chandler (Sarah Syla) says:

    Lovely Rosemary, Ben, Tim, Ari, Peter, Joanna.

    It has taken me a bit to gather my thoughts after hearing David has left this earth and is now in heaven with our beautiful Jesus.

    Thank you for streaming the service live – it was a blessing to be able to be a part of it, even though I wasn’t there physically, I was with you in my heart and Spirit. I would love to give you all a hug.

    In reflection, when I think back to those condensed years in West Dubbo as we started the outreach church, it really was a foundation for me in understanding what it is to be a follower of Jesus. I am privileged that God, so early in my Christian walk, placed me in your lives so I could learn, observe and be forever impacted by the example of the Newby family.

    I did things in that time that I never would have thought I could, and when David gave the opportunity, he seemed to believe Jesus in me so much, that even though I was often nervous – very nervous – I somehow just gave it a go because I learnt it was about who Jesus was in me. I learnt in particular, how we need to go to the people, not have them come to us, and so our afternoon BBQ’s at West Dubbo was a very clear way I understood how we become all things. I remember how David got on the microphone and asked me to get up and sing in front of everyone there and I had never sang before in front of people, but with a big introductory smile, David held the microphone out, and before I knew it I was singing. I have never done that again, but at least now I can say I did it at least once :).

    I also observed closely, how David and Rosemary encouraged you all to be true to who Jesus made you to be. As you said Tim at the service, that you are all very individual people, I celebrate this, because I took that on myself and understood that I too could be me, who Jesus created me to be, and to celebrate that. I trust and pray I continue to release others into this freedom.

    Thank you for allowing me to share in your life. As has been posted, when I think of David, I think about all of you as a whole – and that speaks in itself.

    Love you xox Sarah.

  23. Edna Speechly says:

    It was a blessing to know David. He was a caring Godly man who cared about others. He loved his family and gave his all for Jesus. Well done David .

  24. Graeme and Jane Lee says:

    Dear Rosemary and all the family,
    We send our love to you all at this time.
    We remember David fondly and especially for his indomitable spirit and his courageous outlook on life .He has been like that from a young man when we first knew him in the 70’s He modelled strength and commitment and his heart was truly fixed on God and His purposes . He has always been a solid encouragement to stay walking toward the Lord, even through life’s greatest trial and we are ever grateful for his leadership and his example.Graeme and Jane Lee

  25. Rob and Jeanette Solomon says:

    A lot has been said in the tributes, but I am sure only half the story has been told and I can add but a little bit. Dave was inspirational to a small group of teenagers in the late 70’s and his faithfulness and humility impacted those lives forever. We didn’t meet again until the last couple of years and once again he was inspirational, a faithful friend over many years.

    Heartfelt thoughts and prayers go to Rosemary and the rest of the family.

    All our love
    Rob and Jeanie

  26. Ma Jun says:

    I am tearful to read Ben’s brief obituary.
    I am tearful in writing this e-mail. I have no words to describe my mood at the moment; I have no words to say my sorrow in my heart.
    David and I are friends more than 25 years, although we not in a country, although we are not kinship by blood, but we are like one blood brother.
    I regret very much that I didn’t come to Australia to see him this year. When he gave me the e-mail, always so optimistic, I always thought he would be restored to health. He said: he is going to go to China after he restored to health. But……, thought of these, my heart is broken, my David, my good brother……;
    Pray for my dear brother: you will go to a better world to live, may you walk good all the way! My David, my good brother……;
    I can’t get the visa before Saturday this week, I can’t come to David’s funeral, I feel very guilty and sorry, I can’t see him off, my David, my good brother……;
    I told the news of the death of David to most Chinese friends that he is familiar. They all give me the calling or SMS, everyone felt very sorry for David’s early death and sorrow, and ask me to convey the greetings to your family. David made a lot of good things for flour equipment of technology and export in China, we will always miss him and souvenir him! We are together to pray for David, he will into heaven and continue to life in a better world!
    I will entrust my friend in Melbourne to attend the funeral of David, please accept my heartfelt the most lofty respect and mourning memorial of love!
    I don’t believe that David is already gone up to now, I will always miss him! Rest in peace, my David, my good brother……;
    Dear Rose Many, Please remember:
    You have a good brother in China!
    Dear Ben、Ariana、Tim 、peter & Joanna, Please remember:
    You have an uncle in China!
    China, Wuxi, welcomes your arrival in any time.

  27. Rachel Jasper says:

    So saddened to hear of the passing of David (aka Mr. Newby). I will remember his as a fun-loving, man of God, who taught me to crack a whip, abseil and also raised a bunch of godly kids who have also been great friends.

    Sending all my love and prayers for you all as you face this difficult time. And looking forward to seeing you again one day, David, in glory.

    With love, Rachel Jasper

  28. Geoffrey and Jackie Yeo says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Arianna, Tim, Peter and Joanna.

    David is an amazing man. Inventive, adventurous, enterprising, intelligent and energetic (I would love to know just how many kilometres he travelled in his lifetime). He had the capacity to work incredibly hard and be focussed yet at the same time very quickly be ready for fun; there was always a twinkle in his eye and ability to laugh. Yet when we reflect on our memories of David and our many times of being with him they often include the whole Newby family. David’s obvious devotion to Rosemary and his children is what marks him out as being a truly great man. He will be missed by many yet because he has written his name with love, mercy and kindness on the hearts of his family and on the hearts of those about him David Newby will never be forgotten.

    We will be thinking of you today, praying for you all and rejoicing with you for the privilege of having known one of the greats.

    Love Geoff, Jackie, Harrison. William and Gabriella Yeo

  29. Eddie Healy says:

    Thank you David for embracing us into the Newby family. Your smile and your kindness I will carry with me forever. All our love to Rosemary, Ben, Ariana, Tim, Peter and Joanna (and the new spouses).From Eddie, Nicole and Matias Healy.

    PS I hope that you are abseiling in the clouds!

  30. The Gathering (Bendigo) says:

    Dearest Rosemary, Ben, Ariana, Tim, Peter,Joanna & families.
    Our heartfelt love and sincere condolences to you all and may God’s tender mercy and grace be very evident to you at this very sad time.

    We thank God so much for David and his big heart for people and how he gathered us all together when we were needing God’s direction.
    We have been bound together with God’s love as he showed us how to do Church better… the “Acts” way.

    It has been a privilege and an honour to have been guided, counselled,taught, but much more specially than this, to be loved by this excellent man of God.
    We will miss his great sense of humour, his smile, his loud laugh,his music, his leading us in praise and worship,his hospitality with many meals shared and his seemingly abundant energy to accomplish so many things in a day.

    His courage and faith in God never wavered at all, at any time, in the challenges that he faced in the final journey of his life here on this earth.

    Our Gathering will miss him deeply and profoundly.
    Our loss is Heaven’s great gain.

    Rest now, dearest David,in the arms of your precious Jesus.

    The Bendigo Gathering

  31. Paul and Meredith Stendell and family says:

    We loved David and his family, loved the times of getting together for fun and fellowship. The generous smile echoed a generous heart touched by a generous God.
    Fond memories of welcoming the New Year in with prayer in a stand-up-room only (or grab some floor space for a seat) people- packed house out at Rawsonville!
    Loved that David pursued God and His presence.Loved that he was Faith-filled till the very end of the journey.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Rosemary and family, that the comfort of the Holy Spirit would be very close.

  32. Colin and Jill Flitton says:

    Sharing- says it all – David shared God, Fellowship, Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Possessions, Time. He was always there, travelled thousands of kilometres to share with people. Wonderful memories of sharing with David at the dinner table, around the campfire or sharing communion and the word in church services (often in the bush). Thank you David for the Ranger sharing, the family sharing, the friend sharing but must of all your faith sharing of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with David’s family and friends near and far. Welcome home good and faithful servant.

  33. Daryl McCray says:

    I first met David in 2008 through the family gathering hosted by Don and Barbara Atkins in Charlotte NC. David was such a pillar of faith and a gentle giant of humility all rolled up in one. We had several good times together, but the one I will remember the most was in Tennessee in 2013. Though David was keeping up a good front I could tell he was hurting. however in one of the times together with the gang, David led us in worship! Wow what a time we had:) I saw him laugh and cry in the presence of our Lord! David was a very special person and I will miss him terribly. I know he’s enjoying Jesus and I wouldn’t want him here when we’ll be together for all of eternity to laugh and cry together. Surely David fought the good fight of faith and ran his race well! He will be missed! especially by his family!

  34. Judith McCray says:

    It was such a pleasure to meet David for the first time in 2008 through a Family Gathering that Don and Barbara Atkins hosted in Charlotte. I met him a second time at another meeting in Charlotte. But, the most special time was last year in Tennessee. It was such a precious time that I will always cherish. I am deeply saddened by David’s departure from this earth, but I look forward to a day when we will be reunited in Heaven. My prayers go out to all the family and dear friends of David. Truly, he will be missed on this earth. The Lord gave me a scripture during the time of David’s departure to his heavenly home. “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth; and after my skin is struck off, this I know, that in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall behold, and not another. How my heart (kidneys) yearns within me! Job 19:25-27.

  35. Andrew & Jenny Harries & Family says:

    David Newby….that name says it all !
    Our whole family has so many wonderful memories over decades with the Newby family.
    From the early days in Dubbo when David returned from Faith Centre (I think) with a zeal and a passion. Even then I knew this guy was a radical for the Lord. His joy and enthusiasm were always contagious in every aspect of life. Our families grew up in a very similar era and lifestyle and having even shared offices with David for several years, we came to know him and love David & Ro and his whole family even more.
    We prayed together, played together, (music…and sport),worshiped together, camped together, ministered together, worked together, laughed a lot and even cried some over the years.
    But this week even for myself its been very hard not to mourn his loss, even though its been a few years since our time in Dubbo.
    David always saw opportunities in everything he touched. He was courageous in his faith and vision.
    He will always remain an inspiration to our whole family.
    Our children remember him for his amazing Goat killing and skinning and cooking exploits at Coolah tops. I will remember Him as a wonderful ambassador for the Kingdom of God, an encouraging friend, a fearless and gentle leader, a loving and caring husband and father, and as a radical christian who was not afraid to challenge the status quo.
    David we will miss you in this life, but we are so delighted to know we will see your smiling face on that day when we meet again in the Father’s presence.

  36. Tim and Irena Brock says:

    David was one of the most loving and lovable Christian men that we have ever known. We first met him at one of the ‘Gatherings’ organised by Cherrybrook Christian Fellowship where he was the guest speaker and we really appreciated his great passion for Jesus yet at the same time his deep humility. The ‘love offering’ that was taken up for him, David passed on in full to Pr. Prince from northern India and that’s how we came to contact Pr. Prince. We subsequently fellowshipped and worshipped together with David and members of his family on a number of occasions and grew to love and respect each one. Only in March this year David and Pr. Prince shared a meal in our home and afterwards we prayed earnestly for both men but particularly that God would restore David to full health and strength. We gave him a big hug and will always remember that fondly as our farewell to him.
    Despite his sad and untimely death, David’s family are courageously choosing to maintain their faith and trust in Him whom David loved the most. That is perhaps the greatest testament to David’s life and I am sure that David would want to encourage each of them to stand on his shoulders and go on to do ‘even greater things’ in the power and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
    We look forward to seeing David again one day when we will all be celebrating with Jesus face to face and death will be gone forever.

  37. Phil Davey says:

    I knew David from our attendance at the Four Square Gospel Church in Lae, Papua New Guinea, from 1978 to 1979. David was working with the local flour mill but he also spent at lot of time with the university students attending the church and the Samoan, Fijian and Tongan students who were attending the Lae University of Technology. David was pretty handy on the piano and with a guitar. My memory of David was that he was fit, strong and handsome and had a very likeable, easy going manner and a gentle spirit.

    Once we went on a road trip from Lae to Wau in his canvas top Daihatsu 4WD. David stopped to pick up hitch hikers along the way and the little 4WD was very full with local indigenous PNGs crammed in the back before we were half way to Bulolo. As we stopped to pick someone up, one or two would decide they’d gone far enough and would get off and disappear into the bush. At one time one of the passengers was trying to playing a bamboo jaws harp and another a flute as we were bumping along. The road was unsealed and sometimes a bit muddy. We eventually got to Wau and had lunch at the Wau Hotel and were shortchanged a kina but we thought that was amusing – imagine two guys in their mid-twenties giggling. On the way back we were delayed while a bulldozer cleared a landslide blocking the road. If we passed a rope, wire or vine bridge strung across the river David would stop the 4WD and walk across it. No fear, pasin bilong em, and now resting with God and cheering on those he left behind.

    Our hearts go out to Rosemary and family for their loss at this time.

  38. Wayne & Robyn Wilkinson says:

    Rose and family sorry to hear of David’s passing. We have many unforgetable memories of David’s involvement in our lives – Church,Rangers etc.

  39. Helio and Penny Dutra says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Ari, Tim, Peter and Johanna,

    We were about to start our home-church meeting when we heard a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood a tall, lanky, blue-eyed gentleman with Bible in hand. He asked me “Is this where the home church meeting is?” From that day we welcomed David and Rosemary into our home and into our hearts. David, for us, was an inspiration in his love for his family, his joy, his servant heart and his love for the family of God – the “ecclesia” as he loved to refer to it. He was a humble man who shied away from the spotlight, preferring instead to give all members of the body an opportunity to contribute. David’s teaching on body ministry has had a profound impact on us and we will endeavour to continue running with the vision he had. The seed he has sown will continue to bear much fruit. I sincerely pray that believers worldwide will latch on to David’s burning vision to see the restoration of the church to manifest the fullness of the glory of God. When the Church operates as a true body with all members functioning in love and faith, and the Holy Spirit flowing, possessing our inheritance of healing, deliverance and salvation will surely be a frequent reality.

    David will be hugely missed by all. Our love and prayers are with you, Rosemary and children, at this sad time.

    Love from Helio, Penny and family

  40. Ken & Nikki Sinclair says:

    I remember….. sitting behind you in church. I remember being in awe of your large family. I remember cutting your hair. I remember going to the Solomon Islands with a team led by you – the world suddenly got bigger for me, a single mum who never ever dreamed of doing anything like overseas travel to beautiful islands bringing the gospel, laying hands on the sick and seeing people healed and released. I remember your smile and the love you had for your family.
    Rosemary….. I am so sorry for your deep loss… there are no adequate words but so much care.

  41. Peter & Linda Lee says:

    Dear Rosemary,

    Our heartfelt prayers and love to you and all the family at this sad time. We remember Dave as a dear friend and brother in the Lord from way back. He was a true Barnabas who cheered, comforted and lifted up everyone he met. Several memories stand out: lots of fun and laughter on a road trip to Victoria in the ’70’s to do children’s ministry and a cell group weekend away where he rolled one of us up in a carpet and put it on the back of a ute!
    Dave had a passion for God and a zest for life that was infectious. He has left an
    indelible mark on all who knew him and will be greatly missed.
    May God enfold you all with His loving comfort. Very much love from Peter & Linda

  42. Kurt Andrew says:

    Dear Ben,

    I had the pleasure of meeting your dad David a couple of times although I didn’t know him well I know he was an honest hardworking family man that was a joy to be around.

    I know he will live on forever more through you Ben, your mum and siblings as he past on that same honesty, work ethic and family values to you all!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    With love, Kurt, Tanya, Brydee and Chase.

  43. Neil and Joy Adams says:

    David was used mightily to impact nations. In the mid 1970s in an audience with the King of Tonga he spoke forcefully from God. David was also instrumental in the early stages of the revival in Fiji 2000-2004. Is there significance that he died one day short of the 14th anniversary of the first National Day of Prayer and Forgiveness in Fiji? A humble and mighty man of God.

  44. Marion Male - Principal of The Northern Christian Training Centre in Fiji says:

    David was a great help to us in setting up machines for coconut oil extracting and a hammer mill. He was a action man with a big heart. All at NCTC where very grateful for all the help he and Rosemary gave us.

    Our condolences to Rosemary and the family. He was a great man.

    Marion Male and the team at NCTC, Labasa Fiji

  45. Steve Naden says:








  46. Grant and Lisa Heidenreich says:

    An Ambassador for Christ,A man who was interested in you.He put others before himself.Humble.Loved his darling wife and family.Truly lead by example,has left a wonderful Legacy but will be sadly missed.Thanks for the special times and challenge you bought to our faith.Love you all. Grant and Lisa

  47. Greg Jasper says:

    Rosemary & family we extend our prayer, sympathy and encouragement at this time. I don’t understand many things but I know God is good.
    We all remember the times we shared at Rangers and on other occasions.
    David was always an inspiration to us and I know he has left a legacy of encouragement wherever he went.
    With love from the Jaspers.

  48. Sue Bryant says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Dave for remaining strong & true to Whom you believe. The influence this man & his family has had on all those around them is simply amazing. A strong testimony of what a husband, friend, pastor & minister of the gospel of peace is, is reflected in the legacy of strength & love he leaves behind. I have found this last week of reflecting on all of this has motivated me more than ever before to get on with the things of the Kingdom.
    To Rosemary & the family, my love, prayers & best wishes as you honour David by fulfilling all you are meant to be in this life. God bless you all xx

  49. Joy and Bill Burrell says:

    We would like to give honour to David for the calibre of his life, his integrity, his exemplary standards and genuine loving-kindness. It was our privilege to know David and Rosemary when attending at the Dubbo AOG Church. We highly esteemed both of them and their family. We appreciated David’s contribution in giving employment to our son during his early years in the work force. We give thanks to our heavenly Father for David’s life. God bless you, Rosemary and family. You are in our prayers. Love Joy and Bill Burrell

  50. Nate Ham says:

    Each opportunity that I had to be near, sit beside, listen to, or share a laugh with David… something always was transferred, and I was the one who benefited. Often it wasn’t until weeks or months later that I would realize a point David had made in one of those prior conversations. Without fail.. this was how it was. The way his life impacted me is on an eternal scale. It made me want to see him more often. From the very first time I met him, it was like that. I loved laughing with him the times we did… Ha, the burnt pancake story.

    I can see how fortunate his children were to have a daddy like David. I am humbled to have known him this side of eternity.

  51. Richard, Amanda, Jasmine and Jamie Marek says:

    To Rosemary, Ben, Ariana, Tim, Peter & Joanna, our deepest condolences at this time. Our family are feeling the loss of David and know that we didn’t have enough time walking with him. He was such an admirable and kind man. No matter what there was always that Newby smile on his face. That is one smile that cannot be forgotten. He taught us so much about our walk with God. He has impacted all of our lives deeply. David had a such a presence about him – a true passion for our Lord. Now he is with our Father and although it was too soon for us, we guarantee he is so happy and having all his questions answered. Jasmine and Jamie reminded Richard and I about the questions David told them he wanted to ask God – they are glad he will be getting his answers. Rosemary, we cannot imagine the empty space left behind from losing a husband but we are always here for you and know that David is now in his perfect form and one day you will meet again. You are an absolute inspiration to us and a beautiful woman of God.
    Love and blessings to all the Newby family.
    Richard, Amanda, Jasmine and Jamie Marek

  52. Todd Hunter says:

    Rosemary, though Britt and I have only had a short time to walk with you both, you have become very dear to us. David’s ministry had become a valued voice in our faith family and spiritual community. We praise God for him, for the legacy that he has left in you and your family, but also in the lives of disciples of Jesus Christ here in Bendigo.
    We feel with you that there should have been more time, and more work done, and more victories captured together. But now we look forward to sharing together in the great victory over death in the glorious hope of the resurrection – and what a day of rejoicing that will be.
    Our deepest love and condolence to you, to Ben and all your family.

  53. Liz Robinson says:

    David was a man who showed integrity, kindness, faithfulness and love for people. David sowed into the Rangers Ministry for many years. He was a passionate leader and Pastor who championed the cause of Christ.

    David, I will always remember your smile!

    My late husband knew you well and admired you greatly.

    You are now in the presence of Jesus.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time.

  54. Graeme and Lois Barker says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Tim, Peter, Aria and Joanna, please accept our heart felt sympathy on the sad loss of David.
    David’s vision, passion for the Lord, the establishment of true worship, prayer and fellowship and love for the people of Bendigo will continue to be remembered through the lives that he so positively touched and effected. His infectious smile and quick wit always put people at ease but also had the added assurance that he was a man of truth, integrity and sought the best interests of all he came in contact with. He ran the race giving his very best and now has the reward that comes to those who diligently seek to serve and obey the Lord. Our love and prayers are with you all at this time.
    Rosemary, you have been a tower of strength for David and we admire your faith and courage that you have shown through this most trying time. love Graeme and Lois

  55. Ian Robertson says:

    Apart from the lovely heart that David had, I would like to express my gratitude for the times, especially at the beginning of my Christian walk, where he had a positive input and I will always treasure that about him. RIP.

  56. Rangers NSW says:

    Dave Newby was a wonderful servant for Rangers NSW. Over the 25 plus years of Dave’s involvement in Rangers NSW he had contact with many hundreds of Rangers. From the youngest to the oldest, all would remember Dave as man of great integrity, an attribute only too rare in today’s world; his constant smile, encouragement to all, his ability to communicate at all levels and to be able to talk through a matter with someone who did not agree with him and for them to leave feeling that they were listened to with respect. Dave’s involvement with Rangers in NSW, started as an outpost leader and then as senior commander through to state chaplain, running leadership training courses, speaking at numerous camps etc. It is still a shock to think he has passed away and he will be sorely missed by all in Rangers NSW. Dave touched everyone he met and left them saying “what a great man of God” he is. And he still is!

  57. John & Jenny Truda says:

    We always saw David as an exceptional Christian man of deep sincere faith. His love for the Lord, his love for Rosemary and his love for his children radiated joy, vitality, laughter and an anointed walk with the Lord Jesus.

    Wherever he went he was like an emissary for the Most High God. He touched the hearts of people and brought value to their lives. He did that to our lives.

    Whenever we think of David we always think of Rosemary and the children. To us David and Rosemary are what a Christian marriage is all about. David and Rosemary’s house was always filled with the laughter of children and teenagers having wonderful fun times. We remember a square dance one year in the tennis court where we had so much fun and joy dancing and laughing the night away.

    It is always refreshing to be around David, Rosemary, Ben, Tim, Ari, Joey and Peter. We are so grateful to know them all and treat it as a real privilege to call them friends. The Newby family has enriched our lives.

    David you have left a wonderful legacy. Although we truly miss you, we are encouraged by the truth that you are in heaven now and we will be reunited with you again some day but then it will be for eternity.

  58. Friedhelm and Reyani Marquardt says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Peter, Tim, Ari and Joanna

    We are saddened by the passing of David but also join you in celebrating his life. It was a privilege and honor to have known David, albeit for a short time, and we shall be forever grateful for his guidance in the way of the LORD.

    May you receive the LORD’s blessing, His divine protection and favor, the light of His face, and also peace, wholeness and completion – in Him!

    “To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD.” (2 Cor 5:8)

    With love
    Fred and Reyani

  59. Jordan Hanbury-Brown says:

    Even though it has been many years i have a clear recollection of engaging conversations with David and can still see the light in his eyes and hear his unique laughter. God Bless

  60. John McCorquodale says:

    David was a very inspiring person. I have known him for probably the last 35 years when he was with Thos Robinson and Son. We got to know each other being in the Milling Industry. In recent years since I retired, we have worked together on several projects, and in particular at Bridgewater, he was the most pleasant person to work with. His knowledge and practical approach to every situation, made him one of the most formidable technical Millers I have known. While Milling and Engineering was his source of income, his Christian approach to Life set him apart, and over the years this characterized his energy and enthusiasm. He was always prepared to listen, but he very often came up with a better solution to an issue, honed through the depth of his experience, and so one could not help but be impressed by his capacity to think through an issue. He was one of a kind, and always generous with his time. He will be missed so much, not only by Rosemary and their Family, but by all who knew him from the many walks of life where so many of us have trod together. Reading through the Tributes has given me a sense that I only knew a small fraction of the depth to which he has had such a profound impression on so many.

  61. Nigel Hancock says:

    Of who else in this big, wide world could it be said:
    “Whatever happened to old so-and-so?”
    “He went off to Nuku’alofa to be a miller!”
    “….and how did he win over the natives?”
    “he recited ‘The Man from Ironbark’ from memory.”

    A remarkable man. My first cell-group leader, and 40 years later, still the best. God rest, David.

    I can’t make it down to Bendigo, so I will watch online. Also, if possible, please have a camera near the hall entrance, so we can see who attended as thet file out.

  62. Mry and David Charrington says:

    Dear Rosemary and family. What a shock to hear that David has left so soon. We can only imagine how it must be for you all, and send you our love and prayers for Gods presence to be so near in everything you need him to be right now, and into the differnent future you will be facing.
    David was such an inspiration to us. His warmth and friendship, his generosity and sense of fun. What a gracious, humble, talented man, with a capacity to hold many balls in the air. He achieved so much, and in all the activity maintained an air of peace, with a genuine ability to be fully present in the moment, with whoever was in front of him. We felt truely blessed and priveliged to have been partakers of his sincere and open friendship.
    We deeply respected his prophetic and apostolic insight, the validation and encouragement he brought to our prayer group, which lauched us all, at a critical time, into the level of fellowship that we now enjoy.
    We will be forever grateful and look forward to a joy filled celebration when we meet again.
    You can be very proud of him, and all the support, love and encouragement you must have backed him with, to enable him to fulfill his destiny in such an amazing way.
    With love, sympathy,and celebration of a life well lived.

    Mary and David

  63. Maurice and Mary Case says:

    Dear Rosemary and Family,
    So many wonderful memories of David and his Godliness,wit,intelligence,fun over the past 40 years .
    I first met David when he came to sit at the Feet of Jesus’ at Faith Bible College in Tauranga N Z in Feb 1974.
    I thought,what a cheeky larrikin ,full of life and exuberance .
    He used to bang on my wall at approximately 2am some nights & yell Maurice,I’ve had a new revelation I want to share with you.I’d creep in & hear the latest revelation,then he would pull out the red biscuit tin,full of homemade shortbread he’d made.What a fun guy.
    We got together with another cheeky guy in Jesus on campus named Ian Williams ,an evangelist & we became known as The Three Musketeers
    We were in the outreach singing group , & we did skits together on social nights together etc.
    David’s heart was always after God’s own Heart &what a wonderful blessing he was to myself & our family.
    Yes,it was a privilege to know David , the man of God in so many ways.
    It was such a blessing to get together with you Rosemary and David & Joanna when you came to stay with us in Auckland not to long ago.

    Our hearts are with you Rosemary, & All your wonderful family.We miss David as you all do.
    May God’s abundant grace be sufficient for you All,at this time & in the days to come.

    Lots of Love,
    Maurice ,Mary &Jerusha Case
    Waiheke Island
    Auckland New Zealand .

  64. Pastor Prince Thomas says:

    Remembering David Newby.

    I met David Newby in March 2006 in Auckland, NZ and it was a divine appointment. We shared our visions and it was very similar in all the aspects. I invited David to India to minister to our leaders in North India. David Came to India next month itself and ministered to our leaders, children and to different fellowships. That was a beginning of a great relationship. His ministry transformed all of our people and our churches begun to grow as never before. One of our city church grew from 30 people to 400 now because of his teachings about multiplication and transformation. Then he begun to come most of every year and we had organized meetings in all the major cities in India.

    Our people loved him very much.

    Personally I had a very deeper relationship with him. He was like my father more over an excellent mentor, leader, brother and a trusted man to whom I could share everything.

    I have visited twice to Australia because of him and spent good quality time with him alone. He is the one who introduced me to all our people in Australia. He imparted his vision over me during my last visit to Bendigo in March 2014.

    I will not forget 10th March 2014. I was travelling to Canberra from Bendigo. David came with me to the Melbourne airport.
    As I have one hour, we had a coffee together and he kept on speaking about his future plans, coming to India and stay with us with Sis Rose Mary very soon,
    Developing a ministry campus in Kerala, publishing his book about faith and healing in Hindi and in Malayalam, our trip together to South Africa in this December etc..

    Often we leave each other we used to shake hand may be embrace once. But on that day before I left to my terminal he hold me, kissed me and wept.
    I did not know it was his last love to me. He will live in me until my last breath. I will fulfill whatever his desires & plans and will stand as a proud son always.

    It is the biggest lose for me and my family as well all the people in India. We all are in deep pain even though we know the hope and assurance. I cannot forget David Newby and he will live in us. Other hand we too celebrate the faithfulness of our Lord in his very fruitful life which transformed many people in many nations. We stand with you Sis Rosemary, Tim, Ben, Ariana, Peter & Joana and pray for your family. May the Lord our God strengthen you and help you to continue David’s vision of transform the nations.

  65. Joe Bourke says:

    It is with great sadness that i here about the passing of such a wonderful person. I have known David through the Rangers movement and always enjoyed the conversations we had. Such a warm, gentle and Godly man. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. I have kept the faith”. Well done brother. I look forward to sharing a billy of tea and some damper on God’s campfire in heaven with you David and our Ranger brothers and sisters. Much love to your family. God bless, Joe Bourke and us all from the Emu Outpost.

  66. Chris and Jo says:

    In the short time we have known David, we consider it an honor and priveledge, and to see this Godly man demonstrate a great warmth and Godly manner in all he did. You showed the utmost integrity, gentleness, faithfulness and kindness, you touched Heaven and Earth, you inspired, encouraged and mentored so many, thank you.
    To Rosemary and family, we pray for strength and peace for you all at this sad time. We know David is with Jesus and rejoicing.
    Love and Blessings,
    Chris and Jo

  67. Laurie Burow says:

    Rosemary and family,
    Even though I only had contact with David via the milling world, we soon became aware that we were both ABBA’s kids. This was the Spirits doing as I had no “inside” information about his faith.
    No doubt we will meet again later. I want to thank you all for sharing this special man with the wider world!
    My prayer is that you will have the real experience of our “Comforter/Friend” as you journey through this bitter sweet time.
    Blessings and thanks,
    Laurie Burow

  68. ian murray says:

    David guided me as a new miller way back in Sydney in the mid to late eighties.

    Very patient and very knowledgeable and at all times a gentlemen.

    ian murray

  69. Ian and Marina Phillips says:

    Privileged to know David and be influenced by his integrity, focus on the Lord and in younger years be influenced by his great skill as a father and husband. Rosemary and family, he is home, he is healed, he is now the completed in the image of Christ. His influence and effect lives on in this world, his love,resilience and integrity lives on in our hearts as memories that the Holy Spirit uses to inspire us (as with any of the Godly men of old). Linger in the fond memories, laugh at the fun times, grieve at the loss of his physical presence. Love you guys as a family although a few years have slipped by. Thank you for giving us a car when I lost my job, thank you for letting us stay in your house when we got stranded in Dubbo. Bless you heaps at this time of your loss, our hearts and prayers are with you.

  70. David & Jenny Orton says:

    Dear Rosemary

    We have been standing with you, praying and believing, through David’s ordeal.

    Despite your great loss we know you will find comfort in the fact that David’s life was well-lived. He was passionately motivated to be well-pleasing to the Lord and to be a source of life and encouragement to all God’s people. You have every reason to be proud of such a man as your David.

    Our memerories go back to when we were all in our late teens. Having reconnected with you both over the last 10 years, David had not changed one iota — the same youthful zeal for the Lord, sense of fun and joy, and energy and purpose were still as dominant and as fresh as they were then.

    We have nothing but love and admiration for your man. He stood out amongst his peers. He carried weight and wisdom in all his contributions to the Leadershift group over the last 10 years. A man without guile, who was pure in heart toward all.

    We can find comfort in the anticipation, not only of being reunited in glory, but of the resurrection when everything will be put-to-rights and our bodies raised to everlasting life.

    Come Lord Jesus!

    With all our love

    David & Jenny

  71. Kym and Heather Heidenreich says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Tim,Peter, Aria and Joanna,
    So sad to hear of David’s too early passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this sad time.
    David’s energy and enthusiasm for life was an inspiration to us, and his smile and laughter was so infectious, and will stay with us in fond memories.After doing many projects for our business over the years he became a great friend to many in our family.
    Much Love
    Kym and Heather

  72. Jen Job says:

    Dear Rosemary and all the Newby family.

    David’s emails were such an encouragement to me when he learned I was unwell and not coping so well. He was so positive though facing tough times himself.
    I remember meeting David and his sisters and parents back in the late 1970’s where they would come out to our farm and have sing alongs and get-together’s. He strummed his guitar and they sang very moving songs one of them called, “The Lord Hath His Way in the Wilderness and the storm”. David would be rejoicing with the Heavenly choir and strumming his guitar and singling along with the angels.

    I have fond memories of those days and my heartfelt sympathy is with you all knowing he will be greatly missed by his family and friends yet also Celebrating His Homecoming in Eternity.

    God Bless you all
    Love Jen Job

  73. Ian and Monica Bones says:

    Ian writes…Greatly saddened to hear of Dave’s passing. I don’t think I knew anyone that had David’s energy and drive. He was a generous and optimistic man who wholeheartedly served Jesus.
    There were some great times had camping at the Warrumbungles, Thirlmere, Forest Glenn and Coola Tops with our children and Rangers. Campfires, poetry recitals,damper and of course singing with guitar.
    I remember coming back from Sydney with Dave in his Saab where he demonstrated the Saabs ability to hold on the hairpen bends near Mt Victoria!
    On route to the Solomon Islands in 1989 David learned the song ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ at a church in Brisbane then proceeded to use it in the Solomons.
    A very gifted man with a sharp mind who was practical and had an infectious smile and laugh.
    Our sincere sympathy to Rosemary , Ben, Tim ,Ari , Pete and Joanna.

  74. Kristina Beeby says:

    Although I didn’t really know David very well, on every occasion that I met him I felt like I’d known him for a long time. He was kind, warm and genuinely nice. I feel there aren’t adequate words to describe him. He was such a Godly man and cared so much. It was because of David that I was able to meet Pr Prince in India, who has very similar qualities to David.

    To the Newby Family, I know that David will be forever in your hearts and I just pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to surround you with his loving comfort now and in the days, months and years ahead.

  75. John Miles says:

    The world seems darker and has lost something wonderful, but so many gained so much from his words, actions, and the warmth of his smile. You made the world a better place and I cannot describe how much you will be missed.

  76. Janet Giles says:

    Dear Rosemary, Ben, Tim,Ari.,Peter, Joanna,
    David gave of himself to so many, he came to Nyngan and taught us
    the love of God, he was so patient in his dealings with all the Body
    of Christ both young and old.
    All who knew David & Rosemary are thankful for having them in their lives.

  77. Rob and Helen Warren and Family says:

    Words cannot express the depth of the loss we feel.

    Rob writes … David was a brother, but more than a brother. Our hearts were knit together as we travelled and ministered together throughout Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Arnhemland. We have a David/Jonathan relationship which cannot be broken by death.

    David had broad talents … his writing inspired many; he was a talented musician and song-leader; he was an insightful teacher; a good sportsman; a hard working businessman; a compassionate pastor; and a loving family-man.

    But most of all, he loved and served his Jesus.

    He talked to world leaders and paupers with the same confident relaxed style and a gentleness which endeared him to all.

    He is my friend and is sadly missed. And although he now lives in the realm of glory, we will see him again. That brings us joy.

    To quote from the gospel, “He was a burning and shining lamp, and we were privileged for a time to sit under his light” (John 5:35).

  78. Garry and Kerry Frost says:

    We were saddened to hear of David’s passing. Having had the privilege and opportunity to work with him over some years in various areas we are confident to say that he was a very Godly man who sought The Lord with fervour. Among many memories, his gentleness and parental giftedness stand out in his relationship with his wife, Rosemary; and in the wonderful way he raised his children to walk with The Lord. He was a man of integrity and honour and he walks now in the presence of his God.

  79. Richard & Anna Holloway says:

    Wow this has come unexpected as we have joined with so many others for David’s healing. He is now in the best place. We enjoyed David as a person over the years starting with the Leadershift meetings. His love for the Lord was very contagious this also gave him a big heart for people. We pray that his family will continue to cherish his memories and find comfort in the Lord during this time.
    Richard & Anna

  80. Tony Burgess says:

    What a shock to hear David has passed away.
    He joined us at Thomas Robinson & Son in Revesby in about 1978; then joined the Australian Technical Millers Association NSW in January 1979; attending a great many of our meetings.
    I last saw David and had lunch with him at the ATMA Conference at Star City in Sydney in 2002.
    Very sad that such a knowledgeable man is lost to the milling industry; and such a nice person
    Sorry I am not able to get to Bendigo on Saturday; I did not realise he had moved from Central NSW
    Tony Burgess

  81. Ron I Plant says:

    Very saddened to hear the loss of a friend and a overall good person to all who came in contact with him.Dave and I meet in his early days at T Robinson, Sydney. He personally sold me a stone mill and as we were of the same age and a common interest in “Flour Milling” we become friends. In the early 80’s we worked together in Port Moresby(PNG)in the installation and commissioning of a new flour mill. I remember Dave speaking pigeon english to the locals and doing community work on the weekend with them. I have just pulled out an old photo of Dave and Wayne Burnes (T.Robinson Boys)sitting in my PM accommodation’s lounge room, laughing our heads off, picture must have been taken by my wife. Great Memories. We have kept in contact from these early days at various milling functions specially looking forward in catching up with Dave every 2 years at the Australian Technical Millers Conference. Sadly he couldn’t make the last one. RIP mate, build us a flour mill in heaven where us old millers can catch up and tell good tales, “The way it used to be”

  82. Mireille says:

    Adieu David,
    Your memorie is for ever alive in my heart
    You have passed (the baton) to your lovely and blessed family
    It has been a privilege to have known you
    Love always

  83. Dale and Donna Gifford says:

    Sometimes you don’t realise how much a person has resided with affection in your heart until you hear they are gone! David is one of those people. Our connection with him wasn’t of great quantity, but definitely one of quality and deep warmth. I can only imagine the space he will leave in your lives. So thankful we have Jesus and eternal life. How wonderful that reunion will be.
    David, you were a beautiful example to us of a man who loved his God, his family and others. You will be deeply missed, but we rejoice in the knowledge that you have received the Father’s warm embrace.
    Our heartfelt love to you Rosemary and family.

  84. Stewart & Maricel Wilkinson says:

    I’m totally shocked to hear this extremely sad news. Our heart felt condolences & blessings to the Newby family. David was such an amazing person who made most of everything in life. He will be genuinely missed by all that knew him.

  85. Stewart & Maricel Wilkinson says:

    David Newby was such an amazing person who made most of everything in life. He will be genuinely missed by all that knew him.

  86. Kristina Murray says:

    His pure love for Jesus was so beautifully expressed through his gifted musical ability. A blessing to all he met.

  87. Sean Godfrey says:

    It was always a joy to speak to David. His love for God was evident and his smile very powerful and full of the love of God. I always felt encouraged after speaking with him. Thank you God for this man so others could be blessed and discover the gift of salvation.

  88. Rangers Australia says:

    A mighty servant leader who loved his God passionately which was displayed through his interaction with people and presented beautifully through his smile. A man who fully displayed the joy of the Lord. Ps David served in the Rangers ministry for many years for New South Wales and and for some years on the national committee of Rangers Australia as National Chaplain. He had a profound impact upon the lives of young people and leaders. There will be many of these young people now citizens of Heaven because of Ps David’s willingness and desire to follow the command of Jesus to ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.’ Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord.

  89. Andrew and Michelle Hunt says:

    We are deeply saddened by yours and our loss, David was a man for all people. Many, many memories of sharing, teaching and encouraging around campfires, church pulpits, Ranger events, lounge rooms and Childrens church meetings, from out at ‘The Pines’to the back seat of his car on those long trips to Sydney David continually spoke of the love of Jesus for us. The many blessings we received from Jesus through David,the list is too long for one message. We are the privileged to have known him and to have been able to stand in his shadow even for a while was an honour,We look forward to our reuniting time with him in heaven.Our prayers and thoughts are to you all, his family.

  90. Mario and Linda Liu says:

    For us it has been a privilege to have known David. Some years ago you and your family welcomed us into your home with open hearts. We saw a man who loves the Lord. Goodbye David. With love and best wishes to all the family.

  91. David and Janet Williams says:

    IWe praise God for David a mighty man of faith. We praise God for his leadership into unity within the body of Christ. We praise God for the love, faith and leadership he has imparted into his mighty family of faith. We praise God for the adventures in faith we have shared. It is such an honor and privalege to know the Newbie family. IWe thank God for his peace and love as he ministers to each family member now and forever. Love always Janet, David, Alexander and Zachariah.

  92. Annette Taylor says:

    So many wonderful memories over nearly 30 years come to my mind when I think about my dear brother in the Lord and faithful friend, David. Any tribute to David has also to include his precious Rosemary and their wonderful children. They are the finest example of a Godly family, and “oneness” in marriage, I have known. For this alone I am so grateful. If I were to sum up David in one word it would be a “worshipper”. He told me as a young man, instead of joining his peers for a fun night he would go to the basement and play his guitar and it was there that he grew to know His Lord through simply worshipping. I truly miss the times when we would gather in someone’s lounge room, David would start strumming his guitar, and before long we were pouring out our hearts to God in adoration of who He is. Or other times there would be 30 of us, mainly children, packed together in a housing dept. lounge room in West Dubbo where all would be exuberantly singing children’s “action” songs. David loved Jesus and sought to be like Him. He never looked for the limelight and was overjoyed to see others released into what God had for them. He was a man of generosity and integrity, of faith and boldness, a true team player and servant leader who believed the best about all people. He was a revelationary expositor of God’s word. He saw things “differently”, and was able to teach in a way we understood. He believed in the type of “freedom” Paul talks about in the book of Galations and that every member of the Body of Christ has all they need through the Holy Spirit to live a victorious life. David was an encourager. I know I would not be where I am in my Christian walk if I had not rubbed shoulders with him. We shared so many fun times, bizarre, exciting and sometimes disappointing days in West Dubbo. Open air meetings, tent meetings, walking around West Dubbo singing Christmas carols and handing out Bibles; weekly community BBQ’s. buying the House of Hope for $1 and then re-building the empty burnt out shell to be a place of glory to our Lord; all because one man and his family saw a need and sought to meet it. What a privledge it is to have known David and his family.

  93. Michael Moss says:

    David, a friend, a man of inspiring integrity, who truly expressed the life of Jesus within him. David’s ministry lives on through the lives he touched. With great sorrow, Michael and Cathy Moss.

  94. Tracey Slingsby says:

    What a luxury to know that we will all be reunited and never have to say goodbye again.David showed us Gods heart.What a truely wonderful man to have had in our lives. He was loved by many and greatly missed.Love to his beautiful family. Tracey

  95. Peter Brennan says:

    Left us way too early, so much more to be done here. God must have something very special for him to do. In the short time I knew David it was a blessing to have known him. Sharing in some of the loss with you, P.Brennan.

  96. John & Sally Padgett says:

    We’re writing to send our love and care to David’s family. We have only met Ben & Joanna – both delightful people. We are aware of David’s wisdom and strong reflection of God and his influence within his family and beyond for the Lord.

  97. richard smeal says:

    David was my first Pastor and through him and Rosemary I became a Christian. David and his beautiful family meant so much to me so I am sad to hear of his passing but glad he is with our Heavenly Father and Jesus. Love you David.

  98. Stephen Crosby says:

    The treasures we are to one another are too often unrealized until we are gone. We are all poorer in David’s passing, and richer at the same time, for having known him. we look forward to the day when we shall be known of one another again, unhindered, unrestrained by our fallenness and mortality. Love to all the family, natural and spiritual.

  99. Paul and Bunty Collins says:

    Our dear Rosemary,

    We have just heard that David has gone to be with Lord. We want you to know how much we love and appreciate you both. David was a man after God’s own heart and he carried a great love for precious souls.

    The Lord bless you and the family. We are praying with you especially during this time.

    With our love,

    Paul & Bunty

  100. Natlalie Friswell says:

    I was so sad to hear about Mr Newby but it’s so wonderful to know he is now with his Lord and Saviour.

    I didn’t know Mr Newby very well at all but I remember one conversation one day when he was at church visiting Joel and Ari. After church I stopped to say hello on my way out. We swapped basic stories about work and home etc but I felt like I could have sat down and chatted for ages. He showed a genuine interest in sharing and listening and I left our quick conversation feeling really uplifted.
    Apart from this, there were all the times Ari spoke so highly of her dad that gave an insight into who he was. She always honoured him in conversation, sharing of how Godly and wise he was. I could see her love for her dad whenever she spoke of him.

    Berlin and I are thinking of all the family at this time. Our prayers are with you.
    Love Natalie and Berlin xo

  101. Grahame edwards says:

    Rosemary and family , I am very sad to hear the news of David’s passing . I will always remember David as a very generous , gifted Christian Leader . A devout Family man , very hardworking , charismatic, kind and full of optimism . I have crossed trails with him a few times over the years that seemed to have passed very quickly and he has always been the same David ” strong and full of hope and joy”. Yes it is true that he is with The Lord at this time but his promotion to glory does not diminish the huge loss for you , your family and those who have been fortunate to know this wonderful man . May The Lord Gods peace which is beyond all understanding be with you and your love ones at this time . Grahame Edwards .

  102. Cath Rankin says:

    You will be very missed David, it was an honour to serve our amazing God with you and to spend time serving in the worship team with you. Your passion, wisdom, knowledge, honesty and smile will be greatly missed. Our deepest prayers and love go out to Rosemary and all the family. May you rest in Jesus, rejoice with the Angels and Shine in the Heavens now you are free from the bonds of the Earth and safe at the gates of Heaven. Rejoice and again I say, Rejoice. xx Cath, Matt, Liam and Ellie

  103. Robyn Mahoney says:

    I met David through Royal Rangers. I will always remember his smile. He brightened up the room wherever he was. His dedication was amazing traveling from Dubbo for state events, training days and any other event.
    David introduced me to woodturning and inspired me to learn something that I have enjoyed for many years.
    Although I haven’t caught up with David for years, it wouldn’t have mattered as his love extended through time.

    Heavens got another Angel .

    Blessings to all the Newby family you are in my heart

    Love Robyn

  104. Trichelle and Ian Taylor. Narromine says:

    We are sorry of the passing of your dear dad, pop, husband, and friend, but I rejoice with you that he is sitting right beside Jesus.
    We never got together again to talk about “my Aunty vic” in tamwoth street, David’s honorary Aunty and my actual aunt.
    Hope this finds you all reflecting and remembering all the good things and all the God things in David’s life.
    Will be thinking of you all on Saturday The battle is over but the journey has just begun, David’s life and dedication to The Lord are now in progress. Thankyou Lord.

    Trichelle and Ian Taylor. Warren and Annette Taylor and Yvonne’s Family

  105. Noel Bridge says:

    The good thing is we know where David is.

    A champion of the gospel.

    Thankyou Lord that you will show his closest ones how precious he was and how effective he was for you.

    It was a great pleasure to know this saint.

    Blessings and comfort from the Bridges.

    Love to you all.

  106. Ken & Pat Young says:

    It is with great shock & sorrow that I read the post of David’s passing into glory !!
    We well remember good times with David in the music & study groups while we lived in Narromine & attended AOG in Dubbo.
    Rosemary and all the family ( who were quite young then–after all it was 17 years ago !!)were all involved in church and social activities. David visited us here in Adelaide not long after we moved & we remember his beautiful flute playing as well as his thoughtful messages & the great discussions at Bible Study. Also recall his great sense of humour.
    Our love and prayers go out to all the family as you venture into a new way of life without his physical presence. May god continue to bless you all. Keen & Pat

  107. Ellen, Stuart, Patrick and Michaela Davis-Meehan says:

    We have lovely memories of David. We had a wonderful abseiling adventure together when Stephanie was visiting from the States. A true gentleman. RIP and condolences to all the family.

  108. Steve Bramley says:

    I met David in NZ a few years back now and his last meal with us was beautiful lamb shank. He was full of life and was on the verge of travelling to China so was all excited and happy. This is how i will remember David caring fun to be with intelligent and family man.
    He will be missed by all of that i am sure but he will be remembered fondly and what more could you ask for in your own life?
    I lost my Dad nearly four years ago and i miss him every day but have never been sad about his passing.
    Like David i am sure they will be there to greet us one day.
    To his family please accept my most deepest sympathies
    Arohanui David and whanau
    Steve Bramley, Taupo, New Zealand.

  109. Lachlan meurer says:

    A lovely gentle man who walked the walked, not just do a lot of talking!!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    So sad to hear this. Into Gods hands he is ushered into eternity.

  111. Samantha cattell (Tomlinson) says:

    Dave you were such a help to me in my younger years
    With all my rangers work you helped to push
    Me in the right direction to wanting to get where
    I got with my awards you were always so helpful
    To everyone, you had such a huge heart and a love
    And passion for Jesus and I’m so glad that as sad as it
    Is that you have passed that you are with your eternal father
    Looking down on your family n loved ones
    I still remember that one night at rangers when you
    Surprised everyone and told a story that involved
    You shaving half of your beard/mustache which no
    One had ever seen u like that before without it.
    You are going to be greatly missed
    My thoughts and prayers go to your family
    In this hard time
    Samantha x

  112. Ps Peter Pritchard says:

    I had excellent sharing with David over recent years and we became firm friends. His reward is everlasting joy in the presence of Jesus. I bless all his wonderful family at thus timeIJN.

  113. Jan Miles says:

    The best way to describe David is JOY! He was always warm and welcoming to old friends and new, and always smiling.

  114. Ray Andrews says:

    dear Rosemary & family .
    I am deeply saddened by the early death of your Husband & father of the children.
    Just to say that in my past knowledge of David & our fellowship & communication together, he always had a great love for the message of “ABIDING in Christ” & held fast to that in his gifting & calling.
    I know that it is very difficult humanly for someone to go earlier than we wanted to heaven, but i also know that “What God could prevent in his power, he PERMITS in His wisdom”-It is always easy to bow at the ‘shrine’ of His power, but humanly we find it much harder to bow at the ‘shrine’ of His wisdom>’ May you know the presence of Jesus in Peace, comfort & encouragement in these difficult days. Love & Blessings. Ray Andrews

  115. John Shadlow (Sn) says:

    David walked the earth uprightly in integrity, honour and fear of the Lord. I will never forget the kindness and wisdom shown to me during some dark times. I am pleased to have known him.

  116. Warren & Val Billson says:

    So many campfires shared, so many stories told, so many laughs together and so many lives changed by such a man committed to our Saviour. We look forward to meeting again in our promised land.

  117. Jason Harrison says:

    I only met you a few times David, but each time was an honour…especially the last as we came around the Father in prayer and worship and felt His amazing presence. You were a mighty man of God and the earth will not be the same due to your existance here…you leave an amazing legacy, especially in your children. We will see you again in heaven, where there is no sickness or sorrow…love Jason, Rachel, Judah and Abigail.

In Honour Of A Great Man